RSS games resource en-us Brad Pitt Make up Change Brad Pitt's look just as you like! Free The Pharaoh Escape by sliding the pharoah tombs around to make a path for the red boxed one. Dress Up Myuu Myuu has a passion for fashion and loves to mix and match her clothes. Create a great look for her! Double Jeu Try to keep the ball in the air, while keeping the other ball balanced. Hard Ball Boy This is like hard ball but with only one brick, hit it until it breaks. Bowling Addicting flash version of bowling game! Ollie Help our little skateboard hero finish the course by jumping and avoiding the holes and also the bubbles that come out of them. Xtreme Cliff Diving Collect coins as you dive the cliff to earn cash! Avoid floating bombs! Golf Hit the ball and make the ball will fall at green circle around the flag to score. Battleships The war is on! Deploy your ships on the board strategically and then ignite the war by clicking on the enemy board with designated amount of shoots to locate enemy ships. This is gonna be one really cool ship battle. Have fun! Unicycle Rider Try to stand still on the unicycle in this flash game. Fly Sui Catch as many flies as you can with your chopsticks, because each time you kill a fly, precious seconds are added to your time countdown! Cups Game Guess which cup! Classic game cup confusion. Noodle Fury You are a little black and white pixel man living in an entirely red world. Your duty is to shoot the spinning boxes to eat the noodles. Have fun! Brighton Bounty Hunter Defend the town from the aliens. Ma-Balls Avoid the moving balls and collect those bonus points. Mosquito Blaster Use your spray to kill as many mosquito's as you can and get loads of points. The Cave of Death Travel through this deadly cave finding clues and a way to escape alive. Pearls before Swine The pearls, as you can see are grouped into three rows. The game shall take alternating turns at removing pearls from the game. On your turn you may remove as many pearls as you like from any row. The object of the game is to leave the last of the pearls Aim and Fire Shoot cans according to the required target on the left! Barricade Stop the falling bombs from passing through, build barricades to help. Honkman Help our hero Larry acquire some of life's essentials (beer & porn) while escaping the vile clutches of his wife Edith. Free Fall Make your descent and avoid the mines! Appliances Run Amuck Household appliances have taken over the world. Renegade appliances are working to destroy what civilization remains. You must defend civilization and take back the renegade's greatest resource: their plugs. You will need to endure a gauntlet of tasks to Airwolf Shoot down your enemy first in this fighter game. Ming's Dress Room Come on in Ming's dress room to show your ability to appreciate the arts and imagination. Have fun! Digininja RPG 1 First train your Ninja by chopping lemons and only once you have enough experience go and end the Clan of the "Monkey Ninja". Gam's Descent Poor Gam! He must perform the dangerous task of collecting bubbles in mid-air! Quickly tap the left and right arrow keys to pull back the catapult, then press Space bar to release it. Press the Space bar to open and close the parachute and use the left/r Dress L Dress L with his inner self. Shooting the Fly Shoot all incoming flies as much as possible before time runs out.